About Us

Welcome to Roada

We are experts in offering order fulfilment services for online UK businesses. We work with Amazon and Ebay sellers as well as other selling platforms. In simple terms: You sell it and we take care of the rest! We pick your items from our warehouse, pack them and send them to couriers to deliver to your customers!

Selling online is great! Lower overheads, mass customer potential and the freedom to do it all from the sofa or the office! However as many businesses have found selling your product is just the beginning and being able to deliver it in line with customer expectations can be a problem! That is where order fulfilment services come in.

Let Roada Pick, Pack and Send your orders for you!

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We only work with the very best partners

Welcome to Roada

Reliability, Efficiency and Value for money are all key considerations for the partners we work with..

Roada is one of the UK's leading companies for order fulfilment services with the likes of Ebay and Amazon sellers and businesses. With over 21,000 orders shipped from our warehouse every week, we operate a fast and efficient pick and pack service.

Roada is based in the heart of the country, Birmingham, West Midlands. This gives us the opportunity to take advantage of the fantastic transport links surrounding Birmingham and the Midlands. Getting your stock to us is so much easier as a result, regardless of where you may be based in the country.

We pride ourselves on the extensive relationships we have built with some of the industries leading delivery companies. This ensures that once we pick and pack your orders they are delivered to your customers quickly, efficiently and securely.

Plus we can offer much lower prices for our services than our competitors can...with SAME DAY despatch! Try us today to deliver your items.

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Orders processed per week!


% of orders received are despatched the SAME DAY!


99% of orders are delivered on time to customers by our delivery parters


Out of 10,000 orders picked is classed as a mistake...only 0.01%!

Our Services

Sell online? Let us PICK, PACK & SEND your items for you. Roada's UK based order fulfilment service can save you costs on storing inventory as well as getting reduced rates from our delivery partners. Using the latest technology and scanning systems, we ensure your products are easily found and picked, properly packed and delivered to the correct customer!

Take the STRESS out of selling online!

Owning your own online business can be stressful. Let Roada give you MORE TIME and LESS HASSLE by handling your order fulfilment. We manage:

  • Storage of Goods
  • Inventory/Stock Management
  • Item Delivery
  • Any Potential Returns

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3....6!

Using Roada to Pick, Pack and Send your goods is simple!

  • 1. You Sell

    We are fully integrated with Ebay & Amazon and can also accept other selling platforms.

  • 2. Package your items and send to us

    We accept parcels, pallets or full containers of deliveries. Alternatively pop in and drop your items personally!

  • 3. We PICK your orders from our Warehouse

    Our stock management system ensures that the correct items and labels are always picked

  • 4. We PACK your items securely

    We only use courier specified collection bags to ensure your items always leave our warehouse as they arrived!

  • 5. We SEND your goods to our delivery partners the SAME DAY!

    Fast turnaround ensures that 91% of customer delivery date expectations are met! Speed unmatched by our competitors!

  • 6. You keep track online

    Using our OMS system you can keep track of orders and stock 24hrs a day.


Roada works with many clients all over the world.
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